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Barrett Shows Long Distance Strength in Half-Marathon Win

As popular as half marathons have become, most people don’t think of running one during the summer—especially an Austin summer. But Cate Barrett, who won the Orange Leaf Half Marathon last weekend in New Braunfels is a native Austinite, so that might explain her heat tolerance. It’s

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Want to Set a 5K PR? Learn Pacing!

If you’re in the hunt for an upcoming race, the distance you’ll see most often is the 5K. Though half marathons are super-popular, you just can’t beat the number of 5K races available at any given time in Central Texas. The great miler Steve Scott, who has

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Think Your Last Run was Tough? Check Out the Hardrock 100!

Sometimes it helps to put your running effort into perspective. You may struggle to get in a 10-miler around Lady Bird Lake in Austin on a hot summer morning, but let’s step back for a minute and look at what’s going on elsewhere in the country. This

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Good Form Benefits All Runners, Beginners and Elites Alike

If you’ve ever watched a swim coach working with athletes, the first thing you’ll notice is that a lot of his or her coaching has to do with fine tuning his swimmers’ form. In swimming, the more streamlined you are and the less drag you have going

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Coach Ryan Ponsonby on Summer Training

Last week we talked about how to deal with running in Austin’s summer heat—how to survive it. But what about actual training? How does that fit in to summer running? Do you simply drop down your mileage or slow down your pace? Is it a good time

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Austin Summertime Running Tips

Wow. Summer is really here. When you wake up and head out for a morning run and its already 80 degrees and the humidity presses in like a warm blanket, you know another Austin summer is underway. Runners typically slow down considerably during this season. Physiologically, the

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Run Smart

As runners, we love to hear about how good our sport is for us physically. And there’s no question that exercise produces myriad positive changes in one’s body, ranging from greater insulin sensitivity to increased cardiac output, and of course, increased endurance. But what about mentally? Does

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A Top Texas Runner Builds Back

David Fuentes, one of the top runners in Texas, has experienced life at the peak of the sport. He’s won the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon (2011), and is a three-time winner of the Austin Half Marathon. And in 2016, he was part of the gold-medal winning

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Recover Now, Race Faster Later

It’s generally understood that you can maximize your training and progress with optimal recovery practices. So it stands to reason that when you are stingy with recovery, you “minimize” training progress. Ask any coach or runner, and they’ll no doubt agree. Mac Allen, a staff member at

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Do Triathletes Know Something Runners Don’t?

Have you noticed that you’re running considerably slower than a week or two ago? That’s because the heat and humidity have now arrived in full force. For runners in Austin Texas that means finding a way to stay in shape during the long hot summer, and that

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